What’s My Pawsonality?

Hi there! Welcome to Perromart’s Colour Test page! We see that you’ve joined your pawsome pals and tried out our colour test! Let’s find out what these colours really mean! Ready, let’s go!   Your Pet’s Colours When you think of your pet, the first colour that comes to mind reflects the way you look… Continue reading What’s My Pawsonality?

Meet the breeds: Bengal Cats

If you like cats that have an exotic look, the Bengal cat is indeed a brilliant choice. Known for their high IQ and unique appearance, Bengal cats are hypoallergenic as well. Additionally, their temperament is generally calm and composed. Bengal cats are truly great pets to have due to their epic compatibility with kids. Bengals… Continue reading Meet the breeds: Bengal Cats

Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe for Dogs?

Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe for Dogs? Planning to relax and unwind with the help of some of your favourite essential oils and their relaxing scents? Beware! You may be putting your precious pooch at risk. We may enjoy the occasional basking in essential oils, with the diffuser on and the scents flowing about our… Continue reading Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe for Dogs?

Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

Gentle Oak focuses on both physical symptoms and the entire body-mind complex as a whole. The team recognise not just the physical, but emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of every pet. Factors such as environmental factors, emotional well-being and dietary intake are also looked at. Gentle Oak highly advocates health-care and not sickness-care, stressing on the importance… Continue reading Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

A Visit to the We Are The Furballs Cafe

Located at Bugis + is a tranquil cornered dog cafe– We Are The Furballs. Head over if you are feeling all stressed out and in need of a serenity amidst. Providing a playhouse for visitors to mingle with 10 residential small to medium breed dogs. Unfortunately, pet owners are not allowed to bring their dogs along… Continue reading A Visit to the We Are The Furballs Cafe

How To Choose The Best Joint Supplements For Dogs

The pet supplement industry continues to thrive in leaps and bounds as pet parents are investing in supplements for their pet’s health and well-being. With tons of supplements out there, pet owners have a lot of choices. But with so many different supplement brands in the market, which joint products are beneficial for your canine… Continue reading How To Choose The Best Joint Supplements For Dogs

Will My Female Dog Have Periods?

In short, no, male dogs do not have periods while female dogs do have periods but not in the same way that human females do. Most mammals, dogs and humans alike, share the same basic reproductive organs but the ways those organs function is not similar. Women go through a menstrual cycle, a process of preparation for… Continue reading Will My Female Dog Have Periods?