What is Pet Dander?

People have established cordial relationships with all types of pets worldwide. One thing, however, has forced these furry friends away from their human counterparts: a pet dander allergy! Pet dander is the tiny patches of skin shed by cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other species with fur and feathers. Like humans, pets also undergo a… Continue reading What is Pet Dander?

Hairball Trouble? Here’s a Few Tips to Manage It

A hairball, or a bezoar, is a mass of hair that forms in the stomach or intestines as a result of ingestion of hair. Symptoms can include vomiting and regurgitation (which may look like coffee grounds). Treatment typically involves a change in diet and deworming medications. As any cat owner knows, cats are notorious for… Continue reading Hairball Trouble? Here’s a Few Tips to Manage It

Can My Dog Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Absolutely! But only in moderation. Nutritionists consider sweet potatoes a whole superfood. These orange-colored ground tubers, or root vegetables, are nutrient-dense. They’re packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber and are low in calories and fat. Ultimately, sweet potatoes add tasty and nutritional value to your dog’s diet. Can my diabetic dog eat… Continue reading Can My Dog Eat Sweet Potatoes?