Introducing Cats to Each Other

Introducing a new feline into your kitty’s life can be tricky. Cats are very territorial animals, especially towards other furry friends. It’s even worse if your cat has never socialized with other cats during their socialization period, often between 2-7 weeks of age. Introducing two cats with different personalities may be very difficult. However, always… Continue reading Introducing Cats to Each Other

How to Pick Your Dog’s Name (with Suggestions)

How to Pick Your Dog’s Name Dogs are the most popular pets; this holds true in Singapore as well as globally. They are loyal and give unconditional love. From the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an uptick in dog adoption and fostering as most people have settled on working from home and… Continue reading How to Pick Your Dog’s Name (with Suggestions)

Why Do Dogs Howl?

You might have heard your dog howl and wondered why the sudden switch from barking to howling. Howling is another way dogs communicate besides shrieking and barking. Regardless of the age, breed, or temperament, all dogs howl. However, some dogs howl more than others, and some also howl longer and louder than others. In this… Continue reading Why Do Dogs Howl?

Puppy Teething 101

Is your little canine friend chewing or nipping more than usual? Do you often see a small drool puddle on your body after cuddling your puppy? It might be that your puppy’s teething process has started. As your pup starts to grow teeth, their gums may hurt. This can be a painful process for the… Continue reading Puppy Teething 101