Dog Food Review: NUTRIPE ESSENCE Grain-free Dry Food

Nutripe digestive health support for pets

This article is a product review shared by a pawrent over Nutripe Essence.

“NUTRIPE – as the name suggests, the brand carries food made with Green Tripe as its key signature ingredient.

A known superfood for pets, Green Tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of free-range animals such as cows and deer. It contains digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, protein, probiotics and important minerals.

Together with Cranberries and New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels, these ingredients help to support dogs’ gut health and the immune system.


NUTRIPE Essence is the dry kibble range by NUTRIPE, which also carries wet food NUTRIPE Pure. Since Rusty was fed dry puppy kibbles at his breeders’, we decided to kick-off our NUTRIPE journey by transitioning him to the NUTRIPE Essence kibbles.

What we really like about the kibbles is that it’s made of whole meat and tripe instead of meat derivatives, which is really important for high-quality nutrition in a protein-rich diet like NUTRIPE Essence.

All the flavours are high protein as well, with my selected formula Australian Lamb & Salmon with Green Tripe being more than 28% crude protein.

With all the negative news on food safety and pet food recalls from some parts of the world, we’re also very reassured to hear that all of NUTRIPE’s core ingredients are ethically sourced from New Zealand and Australia, and are natural, free-range, pasture-fed, hormone-free and not genetically modified (non-GMO).

What went down after Rusty’s transition

We were very careful with Rusty’s transition, as Rusty is still a puppy and not exposed to a lot of food. Since we’re unsure if Rusty has any allergies, we chose to go with the Australian Lamb & Salmon with Green Tripe formula, which has the same primary protein as my previous puppy formula.

Another of our concern was if NUTRIPE Essence contained all the nutrients which Rusty needs, as he is still a puppy. Thankfully, NUTRIPE Essence is also formulated to be suitable for all life stages.

After weeks of gradual integration and transition to the NUTRIPE kibbles, we’re happy to say that Rusty seems to really enjoy it, and that says a lot because Rusty is usually very picky with his food.

His poop also remained mostly solid throughout the transition, although it did become slightly moist on the tail-end of his toilet trips in the initial weeks.

We were told that this could be a sign that his gut is undergoing the transformation from the additional benefits provided by the enzymes, prebiotic, and probiotics of Green Tripe. After a couple of months though, it stabilized and became solid again.


NUTRIPE Essence is undoubtedly one of the more affordable yet high-quality dog food around. It is as expected of a brand that only sources sustainably from New Zealand and Australian ethical farms. We’re so happy to have discovered NUTRIPE and will be continuing to support this brand.”

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