Dog Training Tips: How to Teach Your Dog To Socialize

Socializing your dog is important for its mental and even physical wellbeing. For dogs who have experienced trauma, you would definitely want to start the socialization process slow. You learn a lot by seeing what makes him nervous and how he reacts to being in your home, and outside. There are many easy steps you can socialize your dog in a healthy and happy manner.


Exposing your Dog to Children


Exposing a dog to children is very important. A dog sees a child as different from an adult, and we want to teach them that children are okay. Also, you can combine this exercise with taking your puppy to different places. Remember those people who wanted to take a few minutes to pet your dog, some of them have children as well. You can make the child offer your puppy a treat. It will not be long before puppy starts looking for kids all the time because they always have good things to offer.


Take Your Dog Around Other Dogs


Exposing your puppy to other dogs is very important if you want to have a dog in the future that is sociable with dogs. With this exercise, I would advise you to wait until the puppy has had its third round of parvo shots before introducing to other dogs. This helps you train your dog to be a very friendly dog.

It is also important to ensure that the dogs are current on all their vaccinations including the parvovirus. Without these socializing to other dogs when a dog is young, it may never be comfortable around other dogs.


Take an Obedience Dog Class

Obedience class is a great way to teach your dog how to socialize before he goes to dog parks with other dogs. Obedience class can be disturbing for your dog to learn new commands. Therefore, it is important that your instructor also spends time on socializing.

Do inform the teacher what problems your dog needs to work on (i.e socializing). With an understanding of this information, the trainer can spend more time on the issue and slowly set up your dog with other dogs. The obedience class is also a safe area for your dog to learn to interact with other humans, too.


Safely Expose your Dog to Various Social Activities

Do not rush. However, if you can introduce your dog to a new activity a week, it goes a long way towards helping the dogs to socialize and being calm and well behaved. Making use of the leash and muzzle help in this regard, for instance, instead of just taking your unsocialized dog to a dog park and hoping for the best, you can expose them slowly by walking your dog around and let them see how other dogs play and have fun.

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