Meet The Breeds: Savannah Cat

Savannah cat was introduced to the world in 1986 from hybrid breeding, comprising of Siamese cat and a wild Serval. They are notorious for the unusually long, slender necks, triangular heads, and large, wide ears atop their heads. The recent generation of the Savannah Cat kittens is similar in weight to other breeds. They look larger due to their height. Their color patterns include a beautiful spotted coat of brown, tan, and black shades.

There is much uniqueness about the Savannah Cat personality. We are here to ensure you know how to take care of your cat before taking her home and What you need to know about owning a Savannah cat.


What are the types of Savannah Cat?

The known types of Savannah Cat are listed as F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, etc., depending on how they are bred. However, what to note about this is that the numbers indicate the number of generations we now have since the wild serval genes were initially employed in cross-breeding the Savannah Cat kitten.

Other than these generational grouping, these tabbies have the typical black, brown or silver fur spotted with black or dark brown spots, although may have lighter colors pattern.


Are Savannah Cats good pets?

Although bred to be majestic with its 17 inches height, a feature that has seen it clinch the Guinness Book of World Records tallest cat since 2006, and it does resemble a wild cheetah. One of the fun facts about Savannah Cat is that it is a loving friend waiting to be taken home.

The Savannah is an excellent pet option due to the following reasons:

  • It is sociable– It can get along with other cats and pets, which is apt for a multi-pet household. It also likes to interact with humans.
  • It is highly intelligent– It is always willing to greet you with friendly head bumps and also follows you around the house.
  • It is loyal– It always wants to be part of your daily chores. However, it often wants your affection only when ready, not before.
  • Savannah Cat trainability is as easy as it gets– The cat can learn basic commands. For instance, it can retrieve toys, play games, and food puzzles, and figure how to open doors if adequately trained. It has been called dog-like for its love of playing fetch and ability to be trained to walk in a harness and to go on outdoor adventures.



Are Savannah Cats HDB approved?

Although it is essential to seek HDB’s approval to keep a pet, this is dispensable if it is an approved breed. The Savannah Cat is not HDB approved however, it was approved as a breed by The International Cat Association in 2001.


What health issues do Savannah cats face?

Another fun fact about Savannah Cat is that they can live between 12-20 years.


These amazing tabbies are healthy and devoid of any recognizable genetic condition or health complication. Although they can be prone to common cat-related ailments, they may suffer hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (thickening heart muscle) and are not critically prone to heart problems than other cross-breeds. Savannahs cats should be spayed or neutered. The male in the F1, F2, F3 types of Savannah cat is often sterile.


Are Savannah Cats high maintenance?

Other than Savannah cats needing lots of enrichment which are affordable, they are easily maintained. Their enrichment includes providing plenty of places for your cat to hide, run, and climb. You should have at least one cat tree in your home, for it to climb and play on.

The cat is hyperactive, and it would do her a lot of good to have interactive toys to keep her engaged. Such toys include scratching posts and toys throughout your apartment to allow her to stretch and scratch. It also loves cat-interactive entertainment, on-screen videos of birds and squirrels, or cat games on a tablet.

The Savannah Cat kitten gets easily bored and doesn’t fancy being left alone for long, so it would do a world of good if it has a feline or canine buddy. You can also provide it with a safe space outdoors like a screened porch or patio (a “catio,” if you will). She will happily enjoy capturing squirrels.

You should also consider regular veterinary care and proper bodily hygiene for your Cat to stay healthy. It needs regular nail trimming, dental care, and its coat requires occasional brushing to get rid of loose hair and dead skin.


Are Savannah Cats aggressive?

We affirm that they are not, but you need to be ready for the Savannah Cat personality. If you are looking for a lazy lap cat, a Savannah cat is not for you. It is a given for its ability to explore. The cat can leap an incredible 8 feet in height from an almost standing position, and not even the top of your refrigerator or tall cabinets is safe from their powerful legs. Also, jumping over fences requires little exertion of energy from the cat, so never leave your cat outdoors untended. They also love water and would readily jump into the bathtub with you or flap around in a pool.

It can, however, suspect strangers. The earlier its generation, the more likely it is to display wild behavior. Nevertheless, its temperament is cool, and it’s a great companion to other feline, pets, children, and other humans in her home with proper socialization as a kitten.

Train your Savannah Cat Kitten with the Clicker training to mentally and physically stimulate it. Also, socializing your Savannah cat with other people is important right from kittenhood.



What are popular mixed breeds with Savannah cats?

The Savannah Cat has been crossbred into some popular feline such as the Egyptian Mau, the Ocicat, the Oriental Shorthair, the Domestic Shorthair, the Bengal, and Maine Coon cats.

However, Crossbreed has rarely been used since 2012 due to the availability of many fertile Savannah males.


Are Savannah cats hypoallergenic?

There are few chances of suffering allergies from the Savannah cats as it is a lower-shedding breed and requires less grooming.

It is essential to care for your cat’s nails and dentition while still a kitten, so it doesn’t end up contracting an ailment that can be avoided with basic maintenance.



Are Savannah cats dangerous?

Despite being of a wild origin, Savannah cats are not dangerous and are not considered to be harmful to humans.


What do I feed my Savannah cat?

Savannah Cats should be fed a mix of dry and wet high-quality food which contains mainly proteins. It has to be low in grains (soy, wheat, gluten) and free from artificial preservatives.


Is Stryker The Cat A Savannah cat?

Stryker is a wild cat in the serval breed. It is a Savannah Cat that has been discovered living in a small cage and rescued by its owners. Stryker has over 500k followers on Instagram.


Do Savannah cats use a litter box?

Yes, Savannah Cats use litter boxes even the ones with very high sides.


Can Savannah cat go outside?

The Savannah Cats go outside, they love playing and jumping so make sure to use a harness or leash and enclose your garden well.


How much do Savannah cats sleep?

Savannah Cats sleep between15-20 hours a day depending on their age.


Do Savannah cats spray?

Yes, both males and females altered or unaltered spray.


How much do Savannah cats cost?

Savannah Cats’ prices range from $1000-$16000 depending on several factors including filial number, type, gender, and breeder.


Do Savannah cats destroy furniture?

Savannah Cats get easily bored so they can destroy your furniture if you did not surround them with toys or a cat tree to scratch on.


Can a Savannah cat kill you?

No, Savannah Cats are not dangerous to humans.


How long does a Savannah cat live for?

The life span of Savannah Cats is 12-20 years.


Do Savannah cats like to be held?

Savannah Cats are energetic and active so they don’t like to be held very much.


How big do Savannah cats get?

Depending on their generation, Savannah Cats grow up to 17 inches tall and weigh 25 pounds.


Do you need a license to own a Savannah cat?

Savannah Cats are approved by The International Cat Association in 2001 however, you might need a license to own some generations of Savannah Cats according to each country.


Can I own a Savannah cat in Singapore?

Singapore just allows certain generations to be imported, there has to be documentary proof that they are at least a 5th generation.


Do Savannah cats bite?

Yes, they can give you a short bite especially after they purr. Make sure that they don’t feel bored to avoid these bites.

Savannah cats introduced a couple of decades ago, are still a rare breed. But, with all its uniqueness, it is without a doubt that you’ve got yourself a friend for life when you acquire one.


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