Meets the Breeds: Maine Coon

Maine coons are affectionate, large domestic cats who love hanging out and playing with their humans. These cats are beautiful and have unique features that have developed naturally to thrive in extremely cold weather. The common nickname for this cat breed is “Gentle Giants.” They got that beautiful name because of their gentle and sweet… Continue reading Meets the Breeds: Maine Coon

Cat Breeds and Traits

  Choosing a cat that will fit into your home and lifestyle is not as simple as a walk in the park. Cats are such fascinating creatures with distinct personalities and needs. If you love to share your life and home with a furball or two, doing your assignment can help ensure that you bring… Continue reading Cat Breeds and Traits

Meet The Breeds: Dachshund

This time round on Meet The Breeds, we have a very special protaganist- The iconic “sausage dog”. There’s so much more to find out about the dachshund, otherwise known as the doxie. In fact, read on and you might be surprised at how little you know about “The Sausage Dog”!   Origin of Dachshunds –… Continue reading Meet The Breeds: Dachshund

Meet the breeds: Bengal Cats

If you like cats that have an exotic look, the Bengal cat is indeed a brilliant choice. Known for their high IQ and unique appearance, Bengal cats are hypoallergenic as well. Additionally, their temperament is generally calm and composed. Bengal cats are truly great pets to have due to their epic compatibility with kids. Bengals… Continue reading Meet the breeds: Bengal Cats

Meet The Breeds: Savannah Cat

Savannah cat was introduced to the world in 1986 from hybrid breeding, comprising of Siamese cat and a wild Serval. They are notorious for the unusually long, slender necks, triangular heads, and large, wide ears atop their heads. The recent generation of the Savannah Cat kittens is similar in weight to other breeds. They look… Continue reading Meet The Breeds: Savannah Cat

Meet The Breeds: Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one among the foremost popular dog breeds! This breed is a popular choice of many families due to its all-rounder abilities. Golden Retrievers are smart, friendly, energetic, and easy to train as compared to many other dog breeds. So, if you are trying to find an ideal energetic family dog to adopt,… Continue reading Meet The Breeds: Golden Retriever