Common Skin Diseases in Dogs

Skin diseases are one of the common ailments dogs often suffer from. It can be quite irritating to see and hear your dog constantly scratching and licking itself. It’s no fun for anyone when it comes to skin conditions, and it’s even worse when the owners cannot determine exactly what’s irritating their furry friends. It… Continue reading Common Skin Diseases in Dogs

What is Pet Dander?

People have established cordial relationships with all types of pets worldwide. One thing, however, has forced these furry friends away from their human counterparts: a pet dander allergy! Pet dander is the tiny patches of skin shed by cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other species with fur and feathers. Like humans, pets also undergo a… Continue reading What is Pet Dander?

What Causes The Black Spots On A Dog’s Skin?

Why does my dog have spots on his skin? Just like in people, there are many causes of pigmentation in the skin, many of which are nothing to worry about, but some can reflect a serious underlying disease. Should you worry about black patches on your dog’s skin? Many dogs will have naturally pigmented skin… Continue reading What Causes The Black Spots On A Dog’s Skin?

Most Common Cat Diseases In Singapore

Cats are vulnerable to various health issues that can have a significant impact on their health and well-being. Regardless of whether you have an indoor,p or indoor-outdoor cat, you should be familiar with common diseases and medical issues that can affect your pet. Early detection is important so you can seek veterinary attention immediately.  … Continue reading Most Common Cat Diseases In Singapore

Most Common Dog Diseases In Singapore

Singapore’s humid climate and high ambient temperature create a favorable environment for the increased number of health issues that affect dogs. Parasites both internal and external as well as their intermediate hosts or transport vectors also thrive because of the ideal environmental conditions.       Can dog diseases be passed to humans? While not… Continue reading Most Common Dog Diseases In Singapore