Meet The Breeds: Maltese

Maltese dogs are often described as beautiful little floating angels from the toy group of the Spitz type. This stunning breed is assumed to have originated from South-Central Europe. Maltese dogs were known by many different names in the past, such as “Roman ladies’ dog”, “the comforter”, “Spaniel gentle”, “Bichon Maltese”, and the famous “Maltese… Continue reading Meet The Breeds: Maltese

The Cat Toys Handbook

Toys provide both physical and mental stimulation for cats. Playing also helps feed their predator instincts and encourages natural feline behavior like chasing, stalking and catching prey. Even if your cat is confined indoors, the basic instinct to hunt remains strong, and this is an important reason why pet cats should have adequate opportunities to… Continue reading The Cat Toys Handbook

How To Make Cat Toys Out Of Household Items

One of the common problems that are experienced by indoor-only cats is a lack of environmental enrichment. Cats benefit from adequate physical and mental stimulation. Thus, cat parents should make an effort to enrich their pets’ indoor environment by providing lots of opportunities for physical and mental stimulation. Cats that don’t have something to do… Continue reading How To Make Cat Toys Out Of Household Items

Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching the Floor?

A dog scratching the floor could be attributed to many different things ranging from a medical condition to anxiety. Some dogs are fond of scratching the floor so hard that they end up destroying your hardwood or carpet flooring. This behavioral trait in dogs becomes worrisome when the scratching becomes constant, making you start searching… Continue reading Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching the Floor?

Meet The Breeds: Siberian Husky

  Famous for their thick coat and strong build, Siberian Huskies are among the most handsome breeds known. Their highly energetic nature makes them eager to run and play. These dogs must live with owners who can take care of their exercise needs due to their enthusiastic personalities. They make amazing companions and adorable friends… Continue reading Meet The Breeds: Siberian Husky