The Right Way to Care for Your Hamster

In our increasingly connected yet isolated world, pets have become an essential part of most people’s lives, providing companionship and emotional support. Hamsters, one of the smallest pets, have become a very common pet choice all over the world. Since they are small, furry animals that require highly specific living standards, it is your responsibility to provide those conditions.



Hamster cages and supplies

If you are new to having a pet hamster, you must choose the right cage for your hamster. Hamsters are small furry rodents that can go through small spaces, chew up plastic walls quickly. Hence, it will help if you get a cell that is large enough but also escape-proof at the same time. Furthermore, the cage you choose must be easy to clean. Some hamsters love having modular cage homes with tubes for them to play. However, cleaning these tubes can be quite challenging. Thus, it will be best if you balance out these aspects while designing your lovable hamster’s home.



Hamsters love to explore their environment regularly. In fact, they require more exercise and playtime than any other rodent. Hence, you must ensure that the cage you design is large enough for them to roam about and have some fun on their own. Additionally, the presence of some toys or maybe even a ball could also lift the mood of your furry pet.



How to clean your hamster’s cage?

Since hamsters are prone to various ailments, you need to clean their cages regularly. Some of these diseases can be transmitted to humans. Hence, you must know the proper steps to take while cleaning their enclosures. Additionally, you must ensure that none of their belongings are not interfered with during cleaning. Following are some essential steps that you should take:

  • Before cleaning your hamster’s cage, you should move them to a safer area. A good option would be to keep them on an exercise wheel for some time while you clean their cage.
  • You should always remove the bedding before cleaning their cages. Discard the old one and replace it with a fresh set of bedding. In fact, tossing the bedding during cage cleaning prevents it from bolding.
  • Use regular soap and warm water to clean the cage. If vinegar, bleach, or any other cleaning product is used, dry and wash off each corner before adding the bedding. Ensure its cleanliness before returning the hamster to its cage.


Bedding and Nesting materials

As a general rule of thumb, you need to provide your hamsters with the perfect bedding and nesting in their cages. For this, you must know the suitable materials to use and the exact way to set up the bedding. It will be best to avoid beddings made up of wood shavings, as these can truly upset your furry little friends. Also, do avoid cedar or pine-wood chips as the smell can irritate their respiratory systems.


Hamsters love cozy bedding and a nest perfect for their regular naps. Hence, one can use shredded toilet paper or facial tissues as these provide the utmost comfort to your hamsters. Furthermore, they are economical as well compared to the cotton that you might find at pet shops. Using cotton could be problematic in this case as it gets wrapped around hamsters’ ṭoes quite easily. An added step that you should take is to replace the bedding every week after washing the cage to prevent any problems arising with its bedding and nesting.



Hamster Food

To keep your hamster happy, you should pick the best quality food for them. Hence, you should offer the best food quality along with the required nutrients to keep them healthy. Generally, pellet foods provide the best nutrition for them. To increase the nutritional value, you can supplement these foods by adding fresh vegetables like carrots, beans, zucchini.


Exercise and Play

Hamsters love to explore their environment regularly, and require their exercise and playtime. In fact, they require more exercise and playtime than any other rodent.

As far as exercise is concerned, a brilliant activity for the hamster could be the presence of an exercise wheel in their cage. It should have a good solid surface for running as it is one of their favorite activities.



Setting up their cage, ensuring good bedding material, cleaning their cages and toys are some of the important points to take note for first-time hamster owners. You must take all these into account while caring for your furry friend.



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