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What Do You Think Of Dog Plastic Surgery?

Personally, I always associate it to the girls who want to look prettier. South Korea has been coined the ‘cosmetic surgery country’ of the world. It has even become cultural stereotyping! However, it’s not only human’s plastic surgery that’s gaining popularity recently. Pet owners are on the rise in South Korea.

Hey, they’re on the rise everywhere. (Except China, but we’ll get to that dog meat cruelty later). Some owners and vets are pro-plastic surgery. Several vets will even suggest it to the pet owners, subtly recommending it when the owners come for their services.

One veterinarian told Chosun Ilbo, one of the biggest newspapers in South Korea, that pet owners often do it because they desire a better looking dog! Miss Lim, a dog owner, recently consulted the vet, who then proceeded to ask her if she would consider plastic surgery to fix the gap of her dog’s mouth.

Crazy, right? Pet plastic surgeons even do: Wrinkle straightening, double eyelid surgery, eye enhancement surgery, stretch mark removal, liposuction, dog botox, as well as tail shortening (to make it cuter) and ear trimming (to make it pointier).

Dr. Yoon, a South Korean veterinarian, mentioned that though it may be the owner’s right to dress and make their dog as they wish, what does the rest of the world think? Frankly speaking, I believe it’s horrible. Imagine if your parents made you undergo plastic surgeries without your consent because they think you’d look beautiful that way. Sure, it’s fine if your dogs are disfigured from a horrible fire accident and reconstructive surgery is needed. But for purely cosmetic purposes?


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