What Causes Diarrhea for Dogs and How to Treat?

Diarrhea is one of the common health conditions in dogs that cause frequent visits to the vet. Many vets see these cases on a daily basis. While some dog diarrhea cases can be fixed easily and quickly, some conditions can be challenging.
Extensive and severe dog diarrhea cases can be frustrating for pet owners and their dogs. Yet, one challenge many pet owners encounter is knowing the cause of this condition.
Due to the lack of understanding and knowledge, pet owners often send their pets to the vets for diagnose.
In this guide, we will walk you through the common causes of Diarrhea in dogs and the best treatment/prevention methods.

Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

A dog’s well-balanced system can be disrupted by many things, causing constipation or diarrhea. While there are many reasons for this condition, the most common are:
Dietary indiscretion is one of the most common causes for this condition – eating too much, eating spoiled food, or eating garbage.
· Change in Diet: Changing a dog’s diet is not always easy, as it comes with complications like diarrhea. It might take a couple of days or weeks for your dog’s digestive system to adapt to the new proteins.
That is why the best way to change your dog’s diet is to go slow. If you’re switching brands, you need to introduce the new food gradually by mixing a little part with the old one.
· Parasites: Parasites are another major cause of diarrhea in dogs. Giardia, coccidia, whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms can weaken a dog’s immune system or make a puppy sick.
· Viral Infections: Infections and bacteria like distemper, leptospirosis, E coli, salmonella, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and parvo can cause diarrhea in dogs.
· Ingestion of Foreign Objects: Your dog might also suffer from this condition if they ingest foreign objects like bones, toys, and fabric. Ingestion of poisonous plants and substances can also trigger this condition.
· Medication: Medications such as antibiotics are also known to cause such conditions.
· Severe Health Conditions: Severe health conditions like intestinal cancer, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, and liver disease can cause this issue.
· Emotional Upset and Stress: Emotional or physical stress can also cause diarrhea in dogs.

How to Treat Diarrhea in Dogs

With such a vast range of potential causes, it could be difficult to know when to contact a vet. Yet, not every diarrhea case requires you to visit the vet. You need to observe your dog for some time to know if the cause is minor and can be managed at home. Some of the quick fixes to this problem are:
· NHV Maris Supplement for Pets: NHV Maris is an herbal supplement for diarrhea and constipation. It is formulated to promote soft stools, bowel movements, and relieve congestion/inflammation. The formula also supports good colon and gastrointestinal health. The product is not only for dogs but safe for all pets, reptiles, and avians.
· Animedx Diarrhea Fix for Dogs and Cats: This product was formulated to treat non-infective diarrhea in dogs and cats. It helps firm up loose stools and absorbs/removes poisons from the intestinal tract. The product comes in great-tasting oral suspension, making it easy to administer to even the fussiest dogs or cats.

How to Prevent Diarrhea in Dogs

As you may already know, prevention is always better than cure. , you can prevent this condition in your dog by adopting good practices and using the right products. Here are the best preventative supplements for this condition:
· OZLOO Probiotics Supplement for Dogs: If you want your canine friend to be feeling great at all times, this is the perfect product for them. It contains bio-tract technology that reduces probiotic loss by delivering them progressively over 24 hours. It supports a healthy immune system, ensuring your dog is always healthy, fit, and happy. It is the best product for the dietary management of dogs with diarrhea.
· NaturVet Advanced Probiotics & Enzymes for Dogs: This supplement is in the form of soft chew. It comes with PB6 technology that enables beneficial bacteria for optimal intestinal and stomach balance. The formula is great for dogs with digestiveNatureVet issues and sensitive stomachs.
· Labivet Probiotics Gut & Oral Health For Dogs and Cats: This Supplement contains probiotics for Oral + intestines. Made with Oral Protect-L that reduces oral harmful bacteria that increases oral immune and beneficial bacteria.
One of the most important aspects of your pet’s health is their gut health, which is why we recommend you provide probiotics to your pet. We hope you enjoyed this blog post on why you should start providing probiotics to protect your pet’s gut health. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us any time at our social medias and we will be glad to connect with you!

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