Why You Need To Boost Kibbles (aka Dry Food) for Cats

Why You Need To Boost Kibbles (aka Dry Food) for Cats
A good diet is important to helping cats live healthier and longer lives. In addition to keeping your cat full and providing the necessary nutrition, a good diet will save you a lot of money in the long term by avoiding complications caused by inappropriate diets.
Kibbles are known to be one of the best forms of cat food. However, you can make the most out of dry kibbles by boosting them.
Kibbles have been the number one choice of many pet owners for decades. Nevertheless, not all cats can feed on dry food alone, as some of them are equivalent to junk food for cats.
Besides, feeding your cat dry food alone can contribute to or help certain health conditions like UTIs and diabetes. Here’s why you need to boost kibbles for cats:

Reasons to Boost Dry Food for Cats

Your cat can survive on kibbles alone, but they will not likely thrive. Remember, these beautiful creatures are from a lineage of voracious carnivores, and their digestive system has adapted to the stringent diet of fresh meat. Here are some reasons to boost your dog’s kibble diet.
1. Prevent Hydration
Felines have a lower thirst drive compared to other animals. Many cats do not look for water unless they are extremely thirsty. Kibbles are very dry and can result in dehydration if not boosted. Hence, you need to boost your cat’s kibble to help keep them hydrated.
2. Prevent Chronic Diseases
Inferior quality kibbles are often empty in calories, promoting cat obesity.
This can result in certain chronic health conditions like liver and renal failure, vomiting, diabetes, diarrhea, pancreatic disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory issues, urinary incontinence, arthritis & joint pain, and inflammatory bowel disease.
Hence, you should always boost your cat’s dry food to avoid such health conditions.
3. May Weaken Digestive Health
Another downside of consuming only dry food is that it might weaken your feline’s natural digestive health. It might also trigger hair loss, food intolerance, swollen eyes, wheezing, and rashes.

How to Boost your Cat’s Kibble

Here are some of the best ways to boost kibbles for cats:
Add Milk: As you may know, kibbles are very dry, and adding milk is one of the best ways to add moisture. Yet, milk does more than moisturize the diet; it also provides your cat with all the essential vitamins and minerals missing in the diet.
Add Supplements: Supplements also make a great addition to dry cat foods. Depending on the unique health and nutritional needs of cats, there are dozens of cat supplements you can add to food.

Find a supplement that will complement the food’s nutritional value, making it balanced and complete for your cat.

Add Toppers: Toppers are often used to make a pet’s food look and smell more attractive. But, there is more to it, as they provide many nutritional benefits. The best toppers will provide your feline with essential nutrients.
Mix with Wet Food: One of the best ways to boost your cat’s kibble is by mixing it with wet food. Wet food contains plenty of moisture and provides balanced and complete diet. It will also make the food more appealing and improve digestion.

Product Recommendation

Ciao Tsurun Cup Chicken Fillet Pudding Cat Wet Food 65G: This wet food comes with jelly for easy digestion. You can serve it alone or mix it with your cat’s kibble. In addition to providing all the essential minerals and vitamins your cat needs, this food helps combat hairball issues. It also promotes a strong and healthy urinary system.
Feline Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Green Tripe Booster Topper 57g: If you are looking for a topper your cat cannot reject, we highly recommend this option. It is made with 100 percent lamb gree tripe and is rich in natural probiotics.
Cosi Lactose Free Pet’s Milk 33oz (1L): This 100 percent lactose-free milk is great for your cats and dogs. It is ideal for regular milk consumption, and you can mix it with your cat’s kibble to add some moisture.
Kit Cat 100% Natural Milk Bottle (Kitten) 250ml: This 100 percent natural milk for cats is free of artificial flavors and preservatives. It helps increase hydration in cats, especially when mixed with dry food.
NAMA Deboned Chicken & Salmon Canned Cat Wet Food 80g: Made with deboned chicken and salmon, this wet cat food can be served alone or mixed with dry food. The formula is grain-free and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.
Kit Cat Deboned Chicken & Salmon Toppers Canned Cat Food 80g: This grain-free formula is suitable for cats of all life stages. It contains ingredients that help reduce the risk of UTIs and Kidney stones.
Fera Pet Organics Organic Mushroom Blend for Immune Support (120 servings, powder): This is one of the best supplements to add to your cat’s kibble. It enhances the immune system and supports brain health.
Kala Health Immunix Antioxidants Pet Supplements (2 Sizes): This nutritious supplement helps protect your dog from free radicals. It contains potent antioxidants to enhance your dog’s immune health.

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